Saturday, March 21, 2015

Top 5 Browsers for Nokia s30, s40 and Asha Mobile Phones

It is always advantageous to have more than one browser installed in mobile phones, especially in Java based mobile phones like Nokia s30, s40 and Asha series. There are not so many web browsers avaliable for Java mobiles. But those which are available are listed here.

UC Browser

To be honest, this is the best web browser I have ever used in my Nokia C3-00. UC Browser is owed by Alibaba Groups, a Chinese multinational compoany. Currently, UC Browser is the fastest growing web browser for mobile devices. It has lots of useful and unique features. I strongly recommend you to use UC Browser atleast once. I am sure you will fall in love with its featues and services. Even the post you are currently reading is written through UC Browser.

Download UC Browser v9.5 for Java Here

UC Cloud Browser v8.5 Java here

Opera Mini

Another dominating web browser for mobile devices. In past I was a big fan of Opera Mini, but now I don't like it that much as I was once used to be. As compared to UC, Opera Mini is lacking so many useful features. I only use Opera Mini, when I have to download images. But still Opera Mini is a good mobile browser.
Download Opera Mini 8 for Java Here

Nokia Xpress

Updtate: not working anymore.
Previosly known as OVI Browser, Nokia Xpress is an attemt of Nokia to enter in Browser market for mobile phones. Launched in 2009 as OVI Browser, it is still nowhere near the UC and Opera Mini. Since Nokia is now owned by Microsoft, therefore the Nokia Xpress will be discontinued after December 2015.

One Browser

It was previosly known as QQ Browser. One Browser is owened by Chinese company Tencent. One notable feature of One Browser is that, you can create a private account for yourself. With the help of this account, you can browse privately and no one can see you browsing history or some other private data.
Download One Browser for Java Here


This browser looks more like a wap browser rather than web browser. Although it loads web pages very fast, but its quality is very poor. You can also save webpages to read them offline. This is the only notable feature this browser.
Download PicoWeb v3.5 for Java Here

So currently, these are only working web browsers for Java based mobile phones. In past, we had so many web browsers for feature phones like Bolt, which was notable for its video streaming feature. But it has been discontinued due to some reasons. So now the only option to browse internet is to use any web browser from the above list.

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