Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Remove "Fetching-Data" Ads from Java Apps/Games with 1 Click

Many a times App Developers and Publishers inserts Advertisements in their Applications and Games to earn some money out of their hard work. I am not against the use of ads, but I am don't like the use of "fetching data" type of ads in Java apps. These types of ads don't allow us to use the app or game without connecting to the internet.

How "fetching data" ads in Java Apps works
First we need to allow the app to connect to the internet and fetch the ads data from the server, then it will show the ads on the screen.

Tutorial to remove Ads

  1. First you need to download VservManager-Cracker into your mobile phone from the links below;
    - Download VservManager.JAD
    - Download VservManager.JAR
  2. Then download the Ad-Supported version of any app/game in _jar format using. For Example; Iron-Man_jar instead of Iron-Man.jar. You can use the 'save' downloading option in UC Browser.
  3. Now open the Vserv-Manager and goto the folder/directory where you have download the Iron-Man_jar file.
  4. Then open it using Vserv-Manager.
  5. Now it will process the Iron-Man_jar. After few seconds it will automatically save a Non-Ad-Supported version of Iron-Man_jar in a different folder. The name of this new folder will be MOD.
  6. Then goto the MOD folder and rename the Iron-Man_jar to Iron-Man.jar. Now you can play the Non-Ad-Supported version of the file.
With this trick you can enjoy the Non-Ad-Supported version of any Java App or Game.

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