Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Convert/Rename .EXT/.ZIP file into .JAR Format in Nokia Mobile Phones

One of the most asked question regarding Nokia s40 based mobile phones is;

I downloaded a Java ME App in my Nokia mobile and it get downloaded in .EXT format instead of .jar file extention. What to do now?


I sent a Java file to another Nokia mobile, the recieved file is in .EXT format. I want to convert it into .jar format. How to do it?

Hopefully, there is a very easy solution to solve this problem.

Since direct renamming a .EXT/.ZIP file to .jar does not work in Nokia s40 mobile phones, here I am providing an alternate method of renaming a file from .EXT to .jar format. The best part is that, you don't need to have a computer for using this trick. All you need to do is to download the latest version of UC Browser.jar App in your mobile phone.

Now if you have downloaded the UC Browser, then follow the tutorial below:
  1. First download, install & open the UC Browser in your mobile.
  2. Then goto the Downloads section and press the Left Soft Key (just above the Green Call button).
  3. Now you will see two options; "New Task" & "File Manager". Select the File Manager and locate the .EXT file in the phone/memory card of your mobile.
  4. For example, the .EXT file in your case is Avengers.jar.EXT.
  5. Go to the Avengers.jar.EXT using UC Browser's File Manager.
  6. Now again, press the Left Soft Key and select the 'Rename File' option from several other options.
  7. Then rename the Avengers.jar.EXT to Avengers_jar. Now you will ask, why Avengers_jar instead of Avengers.jar? Ok, try renamming it to Avengers.jar and you will surely get an error in your Nokia ;-). So just read on.
  8. Now close UC and goto the newly renamed Avengers_jar file.
  9. Then again press the Left Soft Key (this time without UC Browser) and rename the Avengers_jar file to Avengers.jar.
That's all, now your can run the Avengers or any other Java app/game in your mobile phone without any problem.

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