Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Send .jar file via Bluetooth in Nokia s40 Mobiles

Nokia was once a very popular and reputated mobile phone manufacturer company. But one drawback of Nokia's Java based (s40) mobile phones like Nokia 2690, Nokia C3-00, Nokia X2-02, Nokia Asha 210 etc. is that, we can't send Java/Jar apps and games to any other mobile phone via Bluetooth. Even we can't transfer Java apps/games between two Nokia's mobiles. The sending option is locked by default for .jar files.

To get rid of this problem, here I am providing a very easy method through which you can transfer any Java apps/games from Nokia mobile to any other mobile phone using Bluetooth. This method is very easy to remember and there is no technical code used in this trick.

Tutorial :

  1. First of all, UC Browser.jar from its official site into your Nokia handset. UC Browser is a well known web browser for mobile phones.
  2. Then install UC Browser in your mobile. It will take only 2-3 minutes. I recommend you to use GPRS pack in your SIM to prevent any fee charges. Once installed, open UC Browser.
  3. Now download the Java app or game, which you want to send to other mobile phone. In UC Browser, you can download an app/game through three methods - Install, Save and Cloud Download. So, for the sake of this tutorial download the file by clicking on 'save' button.
    Lets assume you want to download Opera Mini.jar. To do so, goto opera mini's official website and click on download button. Then it will ask you to download Opera Mini.jar by Installing, Save or Cloud. So here, click on 'save' option. Then choose the folder/directory to save the file in your mobile. Now it will start downloading Opere Mini in the form of Opera Mini_jar instead of Opera Mini.jar (you can see the difference of "_" character).
  4. Once downloaded, close UC Browser and goto the directory/folder where you have downloaded Opera Mini_jar file. Now when you will try to open it, an error will occur saying unsupported format. This is because the supportable format of any Java file is .jar not _jar.
  5. Now send the Opera Mini_jar file to other mobile using Bluetooth.
  6. Once sent, rename the Opera Mini_jar to Opera Mini.jar. Now you will be able to run the file in your mobile.

Note : If the .jar file you have sent becomes .EXT, then read my tutorial to rename .EXT file to .jar in Nokia Mobile Phones.
Repeat the same steps to send any other Java file via Bluetooth.
If you are still confused in any of the step above, then feel free to ask in the comment section below. Please share your feedback with us.


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